Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Interview with BK Shivani 2

How do the Brahma Kumaris see the issues the world confronts today?

We trust that all issues confronted by every one of us can be destroyed by improving qualities that reinforce character in all individuals. There is an outstanding saying that 'if character is lost, everything is lost'. Subsequently, our association gives most extreme significance to building solid character and to peace. We trust that if peace is lost, everything ends up noticeably insignificant.

Subsequently, it is vital to teach good and otherworldly values in people.You need to understand the genuine Self, your inward being. You need to comprehend that you are a spirit, a vitality conveying everything that needs to be conveyed through your body, assuming different parts like those of mother, spouse, manager or subordinate. We should understand that as vitality we are sound and productive, and we can assume any part superbly.

What is the contrast between the Brahma Kumaris and different schools of confidence?

Our own is not a religious association. We don't claim to affirm any religion. Religion or dharma implies a way that you have carried on with your way of life. What we find in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and different religions is a set of principles or a way given by God through God-sent delivery people as indicated by the need of the time.

These aided in maintaining qualities and ethics which prompted certain levels of peace, love, and bliss on the planet. As per the Brahma Kumaris, life implies expressions and encounters of the spirit through the body. We put stock in ahimsa parmodharma which implies peacefulness at the idea level and not simply words and activity, which is accomplished when you understand that you are a spirit — an encapsulation of peace. Regardless of whether it is peace, love or satisfaction, unless we are loaded with these positive energies, it won't be conceivable to impart it to others or spread it.

How would you start individuals into your association?

Individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds and distinctive religions have been taking after the Brahma Kumari lifestyle. The individuals who wish to go along with us are given 60 minutes a-day course, which goes on for seven days, which incorporates The Knowledge of Self, the Supreme Soul, and the time.

For the most part, the courses are accessible to all with no charge. We additionally lead classes and addresses on self-administration and peaceful living for multinational organizations, universities, schools and welfare associations in India and abroad. The individuals who wish to know more go to the classes, contemplate frequently, and embrace and guzzle the lessons in view of their experience of self-change.

Enlighten us concerning fellowship with Shiva Baba?

It's imperative to comprehend who Shiv Baba is. God is Father; He is light and is acknowledged in all religions. God is one and He is the same for everyone. Likewise we need to comprehend that as conscious creatures, we are souls; we are an unobtrusive, undetectable vitality with heavenly qualities. God, our Father, is likewise a spirit, an imperceptible aware vitality, who is constantly unadulterated and is a sea of all perfect qualities. Shiva implies light; He is the bestower.

He is our Father; henceforth we get and acquire His qualities without requesting them. When I'm aware of my reality as a spirit, I can encounter whatever relationship I need with the Higher Consciousness. I can take a gander at Him as a Father, mother, sidekick or just companion. On the premise of this spirit awareness, I speak with Him and experience unequivocal love. It resembles when we adore somebody we let him assume control over our life. Likewise, He assumes control over my life.

To Him, I tell all things, similar to we share everything with a companion, and simply tune in to what He needs to state. I turn into a medium of correspondence for Him, so He can share what He needs to with other kids.

His affection, peace, satisfaction, learning, euphoria and power moves through me to others and I get profited first. I'm loaded with these energies and expectation that everybody can move toward becoming as lucky as I am.

How might I understand my inward potential?

You need to find out about your actual Self. At exactly that point, there is an entrance to your own quality and inward potential. So this Self-mindfulness is critical. For example, a man can get to learning identified with prescription, and treat an ailment or play out a surgery just when he is cognizant that he is a specialist. With this cognizance and mindfulness, he can utilize his potential and ability to the best of his capacity. On the off chance that there is memory misfortune, access to data is blocked; he won't have the capacity to help anybody, regardless of the amount others disclose to him that he is a specialist.

What is Raja Yoga and how extraordinary is it from different types of Yoga?

In Raja Yoga, there are no physical activities and there is no droning. There aren't any uncommon asanas either. You can sit in an agreeable position. Raja Yoga is honed to channelise contemplations towards the Self and Supreme Soul. Yoga implies association; it implies setting up an association with the Self and with the Supreme Soul. By routine with regards to this Yoga, you pick up control over your faculties. You turn into a ruler, subsequently it is called Raja Yoga.

How might we make the mind our closest companion?

How would you treat your closest companion? Give him time and never say that you are excessively occupied. Frequently, you drag your psyche, regardless of the possibility that it is experiencing stress and agony, since you have work to do and need to deal with others. Give your mind a couple of minutes, rest and let it recuperate itself.

Help him with the energy of affection from God through reflection; mend the injuries and scars by relinquishing terrible recollections, and episodes, and individuals' errors, by excusing them. Try not to give what others a chance to state make you feel hopeless.

Tune in to your psyche precisely; your inward voice can control you, shield you from doing botches, support it with cheerful and positive contemplations. Great and positive data is the sound nourishment you provide for your psyche. Keep it sound. Try not to make your mind frightful or furious with negative musings.

Could you recommend a couple of basic strides to beat push?

Put stock in yourself; recall your identity and whose tyke you are. Continuously believe that everything occurs for the great. Keep in mind, 'This too might pass'. Converse with the Self; conjure certainty to react viably. Acknowledge everybody as they are and how they are. Perused and tune in to positive data.

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