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Lord Shri “Babosa Maharaj” is worshipped as an incarnation of Lord Shri “Balaji Maharaj” or “Hanuman ji”. The main temple of Lord Shri Babosa Maharaj is situated at Churu city of Rajasthan state in India. This “Churu Dham”, as people call it, is situated at Delhi-Bikaner railway line and is roughly 256 KM away from New Delhi. Today this place is centre of profound devotion for millions of people across the globe. Followers strongly believe that their every wish is granted at this place.
Babosa Maharaj is truly regarded as “Kali-Yuga Avtari”. In this Kali Yuga, our philosophical knowledge has reduced drastically and we believe in only those things that are in front of our eyes. In accordance with this, Babosa Maharaj gives darshan to us devotees in front of our naked eyes. His devotees too see him in different forms. Some worship him in the form of Lord Shree Krishna, some see him in the form of Lord Shree Vishnu, some see him in the form of Bajrang Bali or Lord Hanuman ji. Devotees generally worship him in this form only, that is Hanuman form.
Many people speak of the innumerable chamatkars that have been orchestrated by this great God power. Devotees who worship him with immense faith have felt his divine grace in times of hardships. Babosa grants all the boons who worship him. Devotees miraculously find a ready and immediate response to their prayer.

Lord Babosa is believed and worshipped by his devotees as to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. He was born to father Ghevarchand and mother Chhagani devi at the holy city of Churu in Rajasthan. They were devout and worshipped lord Hanuman. As the saying goes, on being pleased with their worship, lord Hanuman once appeared in the dreams of Chhagani devi and asked her to be blessed by some boon from him. She initially refused to ask for any boon as that was not the reason for her worship. But on being persuaded by lord Hanuman, she requested him to grant a son like him. Lord Hanuman smilingly granted her the boon and disappeared from her dream. 

It is believed that exactly after nine months of this dream, mother Chhagani gave birth to a son, who was named PANNA, meaning emerald in English. He too, like his mother, worshipped lord Hanuman by a core of his heart. In his short lifespan of 17 years, he exhibited such divine qualities and miracles that people around him were surprised and believed him to be a divine soul.

After leaving his mortal coil , he left for heavenly abode. There too, he was always chanting the name of lord Hanuman.

It is believed that lord Hanuman blessed him with his name and powers. People, who knew him during his life on earth started worshipping him as lord Balaji Babosa.

It was believed that whoever worshipped him, got rid of his sufferings. The story of his miracles started going around like fire in the jungle. Thus his devotees started increasing day by day.


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