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Aarti: During aarti (in morning and evening) the holy water of Babosa is sprayed by swatting by a man on the nearest possible people, standing outside temple, inside temple and in the queue of holy water. To take holy water, over the face and body is important as it cures and heals the suffering person.

Holy water: After each aarti in morning and evening, the holy water is distributed (mixed with ordinary water), for it, you need to come in queue. As the aarti starts the queue begins, the queue has bone-crushing pressure, so think about if you could come at the beginning of the queue. This holy water you can carry to home and use it to purify to your mind, body and home.

                                                                                                                            Amazing Benefits of Holy Water 

Maybe you bless yourself with holy water as you walk into Babosa temple, or you remember a small container of water that was at your grandma’s house growing up. If you’re a Babosa Bhakt chances are that you’ve encountered this blessed water at some point.

To learn more about why the Babosa temple encourages the practice of blessing yourself, your family, home, work, and pretty much everything else with Holy Water!

1. Use holy water to drive away the devil :- 

2. Use Holy water to overcome temptations

3.You can use Bbaosa holy water to drive away sickness and future illness too 

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