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Babosa Word Significance

Babosa name has a special significance. It can be broken into three words, 'BA', 'BO' and 'SA'. 'BA' signifies 'Brahma'. 'B' in 'BO' signifies 'Bishnu', where as 'O' in 'BO' signifies 'OM'. 'SA' signifies 'Shankar' prabhu. Hence, taking the essence of Brahma, Bishnu and Mahesh, BABOSA word has become just like a prayer(maha-mantra) for His devotees. Devotees believe that chanting of "OM BABOSA" with a pure heart always shows its divine effect.

This avatar of Kaliyug has commanded place in the hearts of millions of people all over the globe today. In the 'Darbar' of Shree Babosa Maharaj, all boons and wishes are granted. Whoever comes to his 'Darbar' with clean heart and faith never returns empty handed. This is the reason why everyone want to visit His temple today. Devotees feel inner peace at His temple, peace for which people spend life-long to feel it. Search for these kind of people ends at His temple, and they can hear voice straight from their heart.

Main devotee and recipient of Babosa Maharaj's power, Guru Maa shri Manju Baisa and respected Shri Prakash bhaiji are wholeheartedly devoted to His kirtan's and programs from their body and soul. Today, all over globe, people revere Shri Babosa Maharaj, people sing bhajans of Babosa Maharaj, people organize kirtan's for Babosa Maharaj, people bow their head in respect and devotion to the mighty miracles which are orchestrated daily by Babosa Maharaj.

Babosa New Bhajan

OM Namah Shree Babosa

"Babosa Darshan" is a monthly magazine published by Babosa Bhakt Mandal. The main editor of this magazine is Shri Ajay ji Baid. It gives us a glimpse of various events that took place in the last month, along with the program and schedule of forth-comming events/kirtans.

This is a must subscription for all devotees of Lord Shree Babosa Maharaj. Membership fee for this magazine is displayed below:

DurationFees (in Indian Rupees)
1 Year251 /-
3 Years501 /-
Life-long2100 /-

To subscribe for this magazine, you need to send a draft/cheque of the above mentioned amount in favour of "SHREE BABOSA DARSHAN"along with your postal adress and contact number. Send this draft/cheque to the following address:

Shri Ajay kumar Baid,
S-24, Parampuri Chowk, 2nd Floor, 
(In front of Dr. Manoj Birla),
Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi - 110059.

Phone: 09868238035

Friday, May 19, 2017

Babosa New Bhajan Darbar Lakhon Dekhe

Lyrics: Darbaar Lakho Dekhe
Darbaar lakho dekhe, datar lakho dekhe,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,

Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,

Darbaar lakho dekhe, datar lakho dekhe,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,

Bhajan karo Khatuwale ka, aankh michkar bande,
Shyam naam ka punya kamala, chhor de kale dhandhem
Ek din hai tumko jana, baba se het lagana,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,

ske bharose is duniya ka chalta dana pani,
Jhuti akar dikhaye bande, kya hai aani jaani,
Kya lekar jag mei aaya, kyun maan mei bharmaya,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,

Kahe Banwari samay mile toh gunn baba ke gana,
Chaar dino ka mela thela, phir tumko hai jana,
Koi na saath nibhaaye, baba hi laaj bachaye,
Darbaar Babosa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,

Darbaar lakho dekhe, datar lakho dekhe,
Darbaar Babosa jaisa aur nahi,
Datar baba jaisa koi aur nahi,
This Beautiful new Bhajan sing by the famous Singer Raju Mehra. It is uploaded on to the youtube now with new pictures. Each and every word of this bhajan is absolutely 100 percent correct. Babosa jaisa darbar koi nahin.

Upcoming Babosa Vishal Kirtan

🔊"🔱BABOSA Bhagwan ka Pratam Vishal Kirtan"🔱 Bongaigaon mei  dt. 09/07/17 (Sunday) ko shyam 5:15 baje se Mahila Mandal Bhawan, Jain Shetambar Terapanth Sabha, south bongaigaon🌇 Mei...🙏🏻
>✨Manmohak Darbar✨
>☀Anokha Sringar🌟
>🎙Bhajano ki Varsha( Sakal Deo Sahani Mahato, Santosh Sharma n BABOSA Ki Toli)🎤🎼🎹🥁🎸🎻
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श्री बालाजी बाबोसा भगवान भक्त मण्डल द्वारा कीर्तन दि: ०९/०७/२०१७ सांय ५.१५ बजे स्थानीय महिला मडंल भवन प्रांगण साउथ बंगाईगाँव मे होगा, कीर्तन के पश्चात भक्तों हेतु भंडारा(प्रसाद) भी रखा गया है। । श्री बालाजी बाबोसा भगवान भक्त मण्डल ने  सभी भक्तों को कीर्तन में उपस्थित रहने का अनुरोध किया है।
अतः आप से अनुरोध है कि समय पर पधार कर कीर्तन एवं भंडारा प्रसाद का पुण्य अर्जित करें।

Kirtan goes beyond the music itself , its unites all levels of consciousness and produces an energy that quites the mind and takes one to the deeper experience of the self. In the silence between the bhajans, Bhakt can feel the presence of Babosa.

All are invited to the upcoming Babosa Vishal Kirtan in Guawhati on 21st May from 10:15 pm at Guawhati Gaushala in the presence of Param Aradhika Manju Baisa.

There is also a program at Terapanth Bhawan, Fancy Bazar in Guawhati same day from 6pm in where Manju Baisa will take the issues and problems of Babosa Bhakts one to one. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who has any kind of problems in there life and not able to come out of it.  We can assure you this one to one meeting with Manju Baisa will change your life. So please do not miss this opportunity to meet Manju Baisa to get the solutions for your all problems in life. This is free of charge sewa from Manju Baisa, as you know Manju Baisa or Babosa wont take any money from anyone.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Deal with Conflict

We live in this present reality where strife is currently the standard. Why would that be?

I believe that we've lost our inward quality and the capacity to exercise what we comprehend to be correct and genuine. We realize that battling doesn't go anyplace and quarreling doesn't get us what we need - it just makes a considerable measure of negative vitality - however we can't help ourselves. What we have to do is build up our own particular interior quality, perceive our own particular esteem, perceive the estimation of other individuals and acknowledge and comprehend the differences in our reality.

Is there an association between inward clash and strife with others?

Everything starts with ourselves. In case I'm battling with other individuals, I'm engaging with something inside myself. Maybe I'm not ready to try something I put stock in or am compromising my qualities. This doing combating makes me lose my internal quality and esteem. When I'm troubled with myself, it turns out in my association with others. At the point when a gathering of individuals are troubled, it turns out on a greater scale. The all the more understanding and quiet we turn into, the all the more tolerating and adoring we progress toward becoming, and we mirror that in our connections.

To remain calm and pull back in a circumstance of contention may be viewed as shortcoming. Can most profound sense of being be a quality?

We can't increase inward quality without otherworldly existence. By otherworldly existence I intend to perceive that I am something beyond this physical appearance. My quality lies in my consciousness of myself as a profound being – a living, deduction being, the pith of peace, of affection and satisfaction. The more I experience this, the more I experience quality inside myself. To be calm doesn't intend to flee; it intends to assess my musings and sentiments before I express them.

Consider the possibility that you know you're correct. How would you accomplish what you need while keeping your profound mindfulness?

The primary concern is persistence. This is something I've truly needed to deal with. I may be correct however I need to sit tight for that minute when every other person concurs. That way I likewise let individuals take in their own particular lessons. Perhaps from where I am it's conceivable to see rapidly how things will happen, yet others need to get to that place before they can see it. I need to figure out how to acknowledge that what is correct will in the long run progress toward becoming apparentt and exercise my own understanding.

We may perceive the need to change however how would we do it?

We eat to survive yet in the event that I need to survive rationally in an upbeat state, I need to nourish myself with quiet, positive contemplations, the qualities that I have inside me. I must be aware of these consistently, the greatest number of times as I can, thus develop my internal quality.



Friday, May 12, 2017

Who is Shiva

Who is Shiva? Many stories and legends surround this most prominent figure of Indian spiritual traditions. Is he a god? Or a myth constructed from Hindu culture’s collective imagination? Or is there a deeper meaning to Shiva, revealed only to those who seek?

When we say “Shiva,” there are two fundamental aspects that we are referring to. The word “Shiva” means literally, “that which is not.” Today, modern science is proving to us that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. The basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos is vast nothingness. The galaxies are just a small happening – a sprinkling. The rest is all vast empty space, which is referred to as Shiva. That is the womb from which everything is born, and that is the oblivion into which everything is sucked back. Everything comes from Shiva and goes back to Shiva.

So Shiva is described as a non-being, not as a being. Shiva is not described as light, but as darkness. Humanity has gone about eulogizing light only because of the nature of the visual apparatus that they carry. Otherwise, the only thing that is always, is darkness. Light is a limited happening in the sense that any source of light – whether a light bulb or the sun – will eventually lose its ability to give out light. Light is not eternal. It is always a limited possibility because it happens and it ends. Darkness is a much bigger possibility than light. Nothing needs to burn, it is always – it is eternal. Darkness is everywhere. It is the only thing that is all pervading.

But if I say “divine darkness,” people think I am a devil worshiper or something. In fact, in some places in the West it is being propagated that Shiva is a demon! But if you look at it as a concept, there isn’t a more intelligent concept on the planet about the whole process of creation and how it has happened. I have been talking about this in scientific terms without using the word “Shiva” to scientists around the world, and they are amazed, “Is this so? This was known? When?” We have known this for thousands of years. Almost every peasant in India knows about it unconsciously. He talks about it without even knowing the science behind it.

Shiva (pronounced Sheeva or Sheewa) is a very important God in modern Hinduism. He is one of the three Gods of the Hindu trinity, who represent Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Shiva is the destroyer. Not only the destroyer of creation when the time comes, but also the destroyer of ignorance and the destroyer of misery. There is an entire branch of Hinduism who puts Shiva as the One True God (Shivites/Shivaism).

Why Worship Shiva?

It is he who destroys what is no longer good or needed in order to pave the way for rebirth. He can destroy bad karma when you are devoted to him and he can grant you long life. He crushes ignorance beneath his feet and loves his devotees so much that he has granted blessings to people who worshiped him without realizing it. He is both a family man and one who meditates. Parvati is his wife and Ganesha is his son. He is the one that women pray to for good husbands and the one they thank when they have a good husband.


There are two factions: devas, who are angelic-type beings and asuras, who are demon-like beings. The two groups are often fighting one another. But when they found out that there was a nectar of immortality (amrita) in the ocean, they formed an alliance to find and share it. In order to obtain this nectar, it had to be churned from the ocean. The devas were on one side and the asuras on the other, using a mountain to churn into the ocean and a great snake wrapped around it to move the mountain.

However, before they reached the amrita, other things emerged from the milky ocean.  One of these things was a powerful poison that could destroy the world. Shiva ran in and swallowed the poison before it could harm anyone. His wife, Parvati, was close behind and she grabbed hold of his neck to keep him from swallowing. And so Shiva held the poison in his throat, causing it to turn blue. He is often known as the blue-throated one. (The devas and asuras did eventually get to the amrita and then broke their alliance and fought viciously over which side would get it. Vishnu intervened and saw to it that it was the devas who drank). There’s a lot more detail and symbolism to this story, but the part with the poison is the part relevant to Shiva.

Apasmara Purusha is a demon of ignorance, laziness, jealousy, ego, and hatred. He  used to trouble mankind until people prayed to Shiva, who descended and performed a divine dance called Ananda Tandava (dance of joy), crushing the demon beneath his feet. In this dancing form, Shiva is called King of the Dance: Nataraja. Classical Indian dances are based on his cosmic dance of destruction and rebirth.

It used to be that the Ganges river (actually named Ganga) flowed in the heavens. There was a king who was cursed with no offspring and he felt he needed to wash away the sins of his forefathers and cleanse his kingdom with the Ganga. So he prayed that she might come to earth. Ganga wanted to, but she was so powerful that if she flowed down to earth, she would crush it with the force of her waters. And so Shiva stepped in and allowed the Ganga to flow through his hair (usually depicted to be in dreadlocks) so soften her decent to earth.

Parvati is an incarnation of Shakti, feminine energy. She was born to draw Shiva out of his meditative asceticism and bring him back to caring for the world. A powerful demon was torturing humanity and devas alike. No one could defeat him except, it was said, Shiva’s child. But Shiva’s wife Sati had died and he was meditating alone in a cave, not interested in coming back into the world. People prayed to the great Goddess (Mahadevi) and she incarnated herself in Parvati, born to the king of the

Himalayan mountains.

When she grew up, Parvati went to Shiva to make him fall in love with her and marry her, but he would not even open his eyes or respond to her at all. She tried everything she could think of: decorating his cave, bringing him flowers and sweets, even getting Kama (God of desire) to shoot Shiva with arrows of lust. Shiva was so annoyed that he opened his third eye and reduced Kama to ash.

The Gods were very worried that now men would no longer desire women and the human race would fall apart. Parvati determined that Kama could be reborn as their child if she could just get Shiva to love her.

So she took a different tac and began meditation and austerities as well. She lived in the forest and did not eat or shield herself with clothing. The ascetics of the forest were very impressed with her. After some time, Shiva was impressed as well. He stopped his meditating and emerged from the cave to marry her. She reawakened in him his care for the world. Shiva was able to become a perfect blend of family man and hermit.

Quotes From Bhagwad Gita and Babosa

Faith is to believe what you do not see.
The reward of faith is to see what you believed.”

“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.” ~ Lord Krishna Bhagavad Gita Quotes

"Man must do his duty. Do not think of the gains of your actions. A wise man treats all alike. Anger and desire dull your intelligence. Accept pain and pleasure in the same way. A man must understand and do what is right...Partha, give up this base faint-heartedness, arise, and do your duty!" ~ Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra

"Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve...Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny." ~ Lord Krishna teaching from Bhagavad Gita 
“Opportunities in life come to everyone of us
Almost all the time,
They come in streams, in hosts,
And knock at our doors,
We are either ‘out’ or sleeping “in”.
Be awake, Be alert, Be prepared
To make use of them."

"From a clear knowledge of the Bhagavad-Gita all the goals of human existence become fulfilled. Bhagavad-Gita is the manifest quintessence of all the teachings of the Vedic scriptures"

"Efficiency is the capacity to bring proficiency into expression"
“Never complain, about the number of hours you have put in, to do a job, Your nobility must estimate how much of you Was put into each hour of your daily work”
“To “listen” is not merely to “hear”
We in life “hear”, but very rarely do we know how to “listen”.
To “listen” is to “hear” with an intellectual alertness and attention of awareness.”

👌 *"जिंदगी की सचाई"* 👌

*एक रस्सी है जिसका एक सिरा*
*ख्वाहिशों ने पकड़ रखा है,*
*और दूसरा औकात ने,*
*इसी खींचातानी का नाम*
*"जिंदगी" है......!*

*"लोग चाहते हैं कि आप बेहतर करें,*
*लेकिन ये भी सत्य है कि*
*वो कभी नहीं चाहते कि आप उनसे* *बेहतर करें !!!*

*जीवन का बहुत सीधा सा परिचय है,*
*आँसू वास्तविक है...और मुस्कान में अभिनय है !*

                                                              🌴Jai Sri Babosa 🌴

👉 *गली गली में ऐलान होना चाहिए*
*हर मंदिर में बाबोसा होना चाहिए*
*इतना तो गुणगान होना चाहिए*
*मिले किसी से तो जय श्री बाबोसा होना चाहिए*
मेने अपने मन मे बाबोसा आपकी तस्वीर बनाई है।
हर वक़्त आपको निहारु ये भावना जगाई है।
आँखे खुली हो या बंद , आपके दिदार करने की कसम खाई है।
बाबोसा आपका नाम लेकर कुछ लिख सकूँ, इसलिए मेने कलम उठाई है।

नही करता दुनिया की परवाह कभी, क्योकि आपने मुझसे हमेशा दोस्ती निभाई है।

नही होती मुझसे आपकी दिखावट की पूजा, क्योकि मेरे रोम- रोम में बाबोसा प्रभु आपकी मूरत समाई है।

आपकी कृपा से बाबा, मेरे जीवन मे आ रही बहुत बधाई है।

कोई माने या ना माने तूने हर घड़ी मेरे परिवार की नैया डूबने से बचाई है।

इसलिए आज में बड़े गर्ब से सबको कहता हूँ, मेरे बाबा बाबोसा में बहुत ज्यादा सक्लाई है,
और वो केहलाते चूरू के सरदार है।।

।।जय जय बाबा बाबोसा।
।।जय जय चूरू धाम।।

।।ॐ श्री बाबोसा देवाये नमः।।

खाक मुझमें कोई कमाल रखा है,
मेरे  बाबोसा मुझे तो तूने संभाल रखा है.
       मेरे ऐबों पर डाल के पर्दा,
      मुझे अच्छों में डाल रखा है,
      मेरा नाता बाबोसा प्रेमियो से जोड़ के,
तूने मेरी हर मुसीबत को टाल रखा है
    मैं तो कब का मिट गया होता..
    "हे बाबोसा बस तुम्हारे आशीर्वाद
         ने मुझे संभाल रखा है".
🙏🌹जय श्री बाबोसा 🌹🙏 💐💞💐

*ग्रुप नहीं ये बाबोसा का परिवार है,*
*बसता जहाँ प्यार है।*

*सुख के तो साथी हजार है*
*यहां सब जिंदगी के आधार है*
 *श्री बाबोसा प्रभूजी शरणम केवलम*
🙏 *मेरे बाबोसा मालिक* दया की एक नज़र *आप* इस *ग्रुप* पर भी कीजिये ,
रहे हम *आपके* ही सेवक *आपसे*ही प्यार करे।
करे हर सांस में *बाबोसा आपका* सिमरन बिसार दे ये जग सारा,
विराजो *आप बाबोसा* मन के मंदिर में हम हर पल *आपके* दर्शन करे।
*बाबोसा आपकी* चाहत हमारे दिल में हमेशा ही रहे कायम,
ये  *श्री बालाजी बाबोसा ग्रुप  की अर्जी 🙏*प्रभुजी आप* स्वीकार करो।
🌹ये जो ग्रुप बनाए जाते है,
वास्तव में ये एडमिन द्वारा
*बाबोसा के भक्तो* को मिलाए जाते है,
बिखरे से मोती पड़े है
जो इस जहान में,
इन्हीं ग्रुप के ज़रिए
माला में पिरोए जाते है ....!!

 कितने करिशमाई हैं ये शब्द  *" जय श्री बाबोसा"*
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--* मन हलका हो जाता है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--*नकारात्मक विचार नहीं आते !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--* पीड़ा शांत हो जाती है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से---* खुशी उमड़ पड़ती है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--*गम कोसो दूर चले जाता है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से --* मान सम्मान बढ जाता है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--*  ताज़गी का एह्सास होता है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--* बिगड़े काम बनते हैं !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--* भजन सुमरन समृद्धि आती है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा"कहने से--*मानसिक बल मिलता है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--* मोक्ष और मुक्ति मिलती है !
*जय श्री बाबोसा" कहने से--*  हर सपने साकार होते हैं !!

      🌹🙏 जय श्री बाबोसा🙏🌹

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Movie Babosa Mere Bhagwan Must Watch

When we talk about spiritual movies of india then sorry to say that movie industry has not focused much on producing spiritual cinema. so in this collection, i have selected movies from regional cinema also specially the marathi movies. v. shantaram is one director who has made many good movies which has social message and also some very good spiritual movies.

i have not seen all popular spiritual movies of india. but definitely most of them. so based upon my liking and also considering other factors like how well the movie is directed, i am sharing my list of favorite 10 religious movies of india.

"BABOSA MERE BHAGWAN" the most eagerly awaited socio – mythological serial is ready .

Those Bhakt who has still not watch the popular serial 'Babosa Mere Bhagwan' please click the link above on this page to watch it.

The serial is being produced by Babosa  bhakt mandal and presented by  Creative eye ltd . Its being directed by shri. Dheeraj Kumar , who is a well-known name in the Mumbai  Film and Tv industry .

Shri. Ravindra jain is giving music for the serial , which has a very melodious and inspiring title song recorded in the voice of Udit Narayan and Sadhna sargam.

The serial is based and inspired from miraculous true stories of shri Babosa Bhagwan’s devotees.

It starts with the introduction of Shri Babosa Bhagwan and graduates with various inspiring and miraculous true incidents and miraculous true incidents   .

Many renowned Film and TVs artist are putting their acting talent in the serial to make it a Grand success. The Muhurt shot was filmed on H.H Param Aradhika Manju Baisa .

Dheeraj Kumar's Creative Eye is coming up with a socio-mythological show for Sony TV titled as "Babosa Mere Bhagwan", along with "Shri Balaji Babosa Dharmik Society". The show is about the prodigy kid born to middle class parents in Churu, Rajasthan.

Babosa, popularly known as Babosa Maharaj in Rajasthan, lived only till the age of 17, but was known for his divine powers with which he helped one and all who came to him for help. Born to very ordinary parents after they prayed to Lord Hanuman for a kid, Babosa was born to serve others, but only till his age of 17. There are many temples erected today in Rajasthan to worship Babosa.

According to Madan Jain, the spokesperson of "Shri Balaji Babosa Dharmik Society", the aim of producing the show is to ensure that the legends and miracles of Lord Babosa, believed to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, could spread worldwide.Talking about the show, Mr Jain said, "This serial will have 50 episodes".

Star Cast of Babosa Mere Bhagwan

Dheeraj Kumar's Creative Eye is coming up with a socio-mythological show for Sony TV titled as Babosa Mere Bhagwan.

The story will kick-start in Churu, Rajasthan wherein a couple constantly pray to Lord Hanuman for a kid. They are ultimately blessed with a child who is an avtar of Lord Hanuman himself. However, the parents are told that the kid will be with them only till the age of 17. 

The star cast of this TV show is:


Krish Parekh, the child actor, essaying the younger version of Babosa in Babosa Mere Bhagwan on Sony TV.

2. Vedant Sawant, a new face, is debuting on Indian Television through Sony TV's new show Babosa Mere Bhagwan. Vedant Sawant has been roped in to play the grown up teen character of Babosa Maharaj. 


Pracheen Chauhan and Supriya Kumari have been roped in to play the couple who long to become parents and are blessed with the divine kid Babosa in Sony TV's Babosa Mere Bhagwan. Pracheen who was last seen in Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg and Supriya Kumari will lay the foundation to the story, after which the narration will move to the present wherein the focus will be on the followers of Babosa Maharaj. Pracheen and Supriya will be seen in the initial five to six episodes of the show.


Shilpa Shinde is back on Indian Television but not as an actress but as a narrator. She joined Sony TV's Babosa Mera Bhagwan and instead of acting she will seen narrating the story to viewers.

The talented actress Shilpa Shinde has been away from fiction after her cameo role in Rajan Shahi's "Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg".

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

main tera naam gunagunata hoon

tujhe dill yaad karata hai, main tera naam gunagunata hoon

तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।
तू विरह अग्नि भड़काता है, मैं विकारों को जलाता हूँ॥

तुझे सब ढूंढ़ते फिरते हैं, मंदिर तीरथ और वनों में।
तू मन मन्दिर में रहता है, मैं हर पल साथ पाता हूँ।
तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।

संसार विषय भोग ललचाते है, जगत में ही फंसाते है।
तू राह के काँटे हटाता है, मैं नाम के फूल बिछाता हूँ।
तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।

काम क्रोध लोभ भरमाते हैं, अज्ञान अंधकार डराते हैं।
तू ज्ञान प्रकाश फैलाता है, तब मैं राह देख पाता हूँ।
तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।

मैं तेरी राह का पथिक हूँ, नहीं जब छांव मिलती है।
तू बादल बन छा जाता है, तब मैं पग चल पाता हूँ।
तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।

मैं तेरी साख का एक फूल हूँ, एक दिन मुरझाना है।
तू चरणों में जगह देता है, तब मैं मुस्‍कुरा पाता हूँ।
तुझे दिल याद करता है, मैं तेरा नाम गुनगुनाता हूँ।


Kingdom of Heaven is open to all except the arrogant’.

‘Truly great are those who bloom even in autumn of adversary’.

‘Pride destroys the merit of service’.

‘Bridging Humanity piece by peace’.

‘For nearness to God, Man must have nearness to Man’.

‘Know One, Believe One’.

‘To bow in front of others is strength, not weakness’.

‘To perceive God, one must attain the divine vision’.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

BCF Juice Sewa in Hyderabad

Juice Sewa by Hyderabad Babosa Commando Force yesterday in this summer time when a glass of juice is very much needed and useful. Thanks to all the people involved in it. Please see some of the pictures of the events below .


🙏🌹ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा🌹🙏

Miracles of Lord Babosa 3


This incident happened on 10th August 2004.I gave birth to twins in their seventh month.After five days doctor said my childerns had become serious.

Someone at hospital told my husband about Babosa and Baisa. My mother-in-law immediately went to Babosa dham and met Manju Baisa. Baisa gave the sacred water, the sacred ashes(bhibhooti) and the sacred thread(taanti).

She pit in requisition to Lord Babosa. The moment she put in the request. my childerns started breathing. The doctors were totally surprised and said it was God's grace and miracle that my childern survived. Today they are twelve years old and fine. 

Thank you Lord Babosa for showering your blessing on our family.



करो भरोसा गुरू माँ मंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर ,अगर बनाना जीवन का सतर ,गुरू माँ है ज्ञान चक्षु की दाता ,हम सबकी है विधाता , नही जगत मै गुरू माँ मंजु बाईसा से बढकर , करो भरोसा गुरू माँमंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर ,मिलते श्री बाबोसा भगबान के मोती है, जीवन मे खुशहाली होती है मन की धरती उरवर होती है, करो भरोसा गुरू माँमंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर ,जो सनदेह शील रहता है जल मे तृण जो बहता है पछताना पडता है आखिर , करो भरोसा गुरू माँ मंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर ,श्रद्धा से भावित जिसका मन, रहता हरदम जो विनम् बन श्री बाबोसा भगबान की समपदा वह लेता वर, करो भरोसा गुरू माँ मंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर, भटकावों से गुरू माँमंजु बाईसा ही बचाती, श्री बाबोसा भगबान के रूप मे गुरू माँ मंजु बाईसा पूजित होती, चढ जाता नर उच शिखर पर ,करो भरोसा गुरू माँमंजु बाईसा के वचनो पर................                          

मेरे सांवरे
लोग कहते है....
कि माँगने की आदत....
जाती नही है....
पर हम कहते है की....
जब तू मिल गया तो......
माँगने की नौबत आती नही है....
  🙏जय श्री बाबोसा🙏

🙏🌹ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ। बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा ॐ बाबोसा🌹🙏

Babosa Today Quote

*_# बाबोसा ही मीत है_*
*_बाबोसा ही प्रीत है_*

*बाबोसा ही जीवन है*
*बाबोसा ही प्रकाश है*

बाबोसा ही सांस है*
*बाबोसा ही आस है*
*बाबोसा ही प्यास हैै*
*बाबोसा ही ज्ञान है*
*बाबोसा ही ससांर है*
*बाबोसा ही प्यार है*
बाबोसा ही गीत है*
*बाबोसा ही संगीत है*
*बाबोसा ही लहर है*
*# बाबोसा ही भीतर है*
*बाबोसा ही बाहर है*
*बाबोसा ही बहार है*
*बाबोसा ही प्राण है*
*बाबोसा ही जान है*
*बाबोसा ही संबल है*
*बाबोसा ही आलंबन है*
*बाबोसा ही दर्पण है*
*# बाबोसा ही धर्म है*
*बाबोसा ही कर्म है*
*बाबोसा ही मर्म है*
*बाबोसा ही नर्म है*
*बाबोसा ही प्राण है*
*# बाबोसा ही जहान है*
*# बाबोसा ही समाधान है*
*# बाबोसा ही आराधना है*
*# बाबोसा ही उपासना है*
*# बाबोसा ही सगुन है*
*# बाबोसा ही निर्गुण है*
*बाबोसा ही आदि है*
*# बाबोसा ही अन्त हैै*
*# बाबोसा ही अनन्त है*
*# बाबोसा ही विलय है*
*# बाबोसा ही प्रलय है*
*# बाबोसा ही आधि है*
*# बाबोसा ही व्याधि है*
*# बाबोसा ही समाधि है*
*# बाबोसा ही जप है*
*# बाबोसा ही तप है*
*# बाबोसा ही ताप है*
*# बाबोसा ही यज्ञः है*
*# बाबोसा ही हवन है*
*# बाबोसा ही समिध है*
*# बाबोसा ही समिधा है*
*# बाबोसा ही आरती है*
*# बाबोसा ही भजन है*
*बाबोसा ही भोजन है*
*बाबोसा ही साज है*
*# बाबोसा ही वाद्य है*
*# बाबोसा ही वन्दना है*
*# बाबोसा ही आलाप है*
*# बाबोसा ही प्यारा है*
*# बाबोसा ही न्यारा है*
*# बाबोसा ही दुलारा हैै*
*# बाबोसा ही मनन है*
*# बाबोसा ही चिंतन है*
*# बाबोसा ही वंदन है*
*# बाबोसा ही चन्दन है*
*# बाबोसा ही अभिनन्दन है*
*# बाबोसा ही नंदन है*
*# बाबोसा ही गरिमा है*
*# बाबोसा ही महिमा है*
*# बाबोसा ही चेतना है*
*# बाबोसा ही भावना है*
*# बाबोसा ही गहना है*
*बाबोसा ही पाहुना है*
*# बाबोसा ही #अमृत है* 
*# बाबोसा ही खुशबू है*
*# बाबोसा ही मंजिल है*
*# बाबोसा ही सकल जहाँ है*
*बाबोसा समष्टि है*
*# बाबोसा ही व्यष्टि है*
*# बाबोसा ही सृष्टी है*
*# बाबोसा ही सपना है*
*# बाबोसा ही अपना है*
"पानी" के बिना
"नदी" बेकार है,

"अतिथि" के बिना
"आँगन" बेकार है,

"प्रेम" ना हौ तो 
"सगेसम्बन्धी"बेकार है,

*जीवन में #बाबोसा ना हौ तो*
*"जीवन" बेकार है।*
जय जय श्री बाबोसा🌹
*#हर हर #महादेव।।*

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