Friday, May 19, 2017

Upcoming Babosa Vishal Kirtan

🔊"🔱BABOSA Bhagwan ka Pratam Vishal Kirtan"🔱 Bongaigaon mei  dt. 09/07/17 (Sunday) ko shyam 5:15 baje se Mahila Mandal Bhawan, Jain Shetambar Terapanth Sabha, south bongaigaon🌇 Mei...🙏🏻
>✨Manmohak Darbar✨
>☀Anokha Sringar🌟
>🎙Bhajano ki Varsha( Sakal Deo Sahani Mahato, Santosh Sharma n BABOSA Ki Toli)🎤🎼🎹🥁🎸🎻
>🔅Tanti Vitran🔅
> ✅free lucky coupon draw✅
>🕉 Babosa Bandarwal Vitran 🕉
>📚 Babosa sraddha Sagar Vitran 📚
📞Ph: 9435021650, 9435021765, 9435021245
⭕Ⓜ 🅱️🅰️🅱️🅾️💲🅰️

श्री बालाजी बाबोसा भगवान भक्त मण्डल द्वारा कीर्तन दि: ०९/०७/२०१७ सांय ५.१५ बजे स्थानीय महिला मडंल भवन प्रांगण साउथ बंगाईगाँव मे होगा, कीर्तन के पश्चात भक्तों हेतु भंडारा(प्रसाद) भी रखा गया है। । श्री बालाजी बाबोसा भगवान भक्त मण्डल ने  सभी भक्तों को कीर्तन में उपस्थित रहने का अनुरोध किया है।
अतः आप से अनुरोध है कि समय पर पधार कर कीर्तन एवं भंडारा प्रसाद का पुण्य अर्जित करें।

Kirtan goes beyond the music itself , its unites all levels of consciousness and produces an energy that quites the mind and takes one to the deeper experience of the self. In the silence between the bhajans, Bhakt can feel the presence of Babosa.

All are invited to the upcoming Babosa Vishal Kirtan in Guawhati on 21st May from 10:15 pm at Guawhati Gaushala in the presence of Param Aradhika Manju Baisa.

There is also a program at Terapanth Bhawan, Fancy Bazar in Guawhati same day from 6pm in where Manju Baisa will take the issues and problems of Babosa Bhakts one to one. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who has any kind of problems in there life and not able to come out of it.  We can assure you this one to one meeting with Manju Baisa will change your life. So please do not miss this opportunity to meet Manju Baisa to get the solutions for your all problems in life. This is free of charge sewa from Manju Baisa, as you know Manju Baisa or Babosa wont take any money from anyone.

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