Friday, May 26, 2017

Babosa Word Significance

Babosa name has a special significance. It can be broken into three words, 'BA', 'BO' and 'SA'. 'BA' signifies 'Brahma'. 'B' in 'BO' signifies 'Bishnu', where as 'O' in 'BO' signifies 'OM'. 'SA' signifies 'Shankar' prabhu. Hence, taking the essence of Brahma, Bishnu and Mahesh, BABOSA word has become just like a prayer(maha-mantra) for His devotees. Devotees believe that chanting of "OM BABOSA" with a pure heart always shows its divine effect.

This avatar of Kaliyug has commanded place in the hearts of millions of people all over the globe today. In the 'Darbar' of Shree Babosa Maharaj, all boons and wishes are granted. Whoever comes to his 'Darbar' with clean heart and faith never returns empty handed. This is the reason why everyone want to visit His temple today. Devotees feel inner peace at His temple, peace for which people spend life-long to feel it. Search for these kind of people ends at His temple, and they can hear voice straight from their heart.

Main devotee and recipient of Babosa Maharaj's power, Guru Maa shri Manju Baisa and respected Shri Prakash bhaiji are wholeheartedly devoted to His kirtan's and programs from their body and soul. Today, all over globe, people revere Shri Babosa Maharaj, people sing bhajans of Babosa Maharaj, people organize kirtan's for Babosa Maharaj, people bow their head in respect and devotion to the mighty miracles which are orchestrated daily by Babosa Maharaj.

Babosa New Bhajan

OM Namah Shree Babosa

"Babosa Darshan" is a monthly magazine published by Babosa Bhakt Mandal. The main editor of this magazine is Shri Ajay ji Baid. It gives us a glimpse of various events that took place in the last month, along with the program and schedule of forth-comming events/kirtans.

This is a must subscription for all devotees of Lord Shree Babosa Maharaj. Membership fee for this magazine is displayed below:

DurationFees (in Indian Rupees)
1 Year251 /-
3 Years501 /-
Life-long2100 /-

To subscribe for this magazine, you need to send a draft/cheque of the above mentioned amount in favour of "SHREE BABOSA DARSHAN"along with your postal adress and contact number. Send this draft/cheque to the following address:

Shri Ajay kumar Baid,
S-24, Parampuri Chowk, 2nd Floor, 
(In front of Dr. Manoj Birla),
Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi - 110059.

Phone: 09868238035

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