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Movie Babosa Mere Bhagwan Must Watch

When we talk about spiritual movies of india then sorry to say that movie industry has not focused much on producing spiritual cinema. so in this collection, i have selected movies from regional cinema also specially the marathi movies. v. shantaram is one director who has made many good movies which has social message and also some very good spiritual movies.

i have not seen all popular spiritual movies of india. but definitely most of them. so based upon my liking and also considering other factors like how well the movie is directed, i am sharing my list of favorite 10 religious movies of india.

"BABOSA MERE BHAGWAN" the most eagerly awaited socio – mythological serial is ready .

Those Bhakt who has still not watch the popular serial 'Babosa Mere Bhagwan' please click the link above on this page to watch it.

The serial is being produced by Babosa  bhakt mandal and presented by  Creative eye ltd . Its being directed by shri. Dheeraj Kumar , who is a well-known name in the Mumbai  Film and Tv industry .

Shri. Ravindra jain is giving music for the serial , which has a very melodious and inspiring title song recorded in the voice of Udit Narayan and Sadhna sargam.

The serial is based and inspired from miraculous true stories of shri Babosa Bhagwan’s devotees.

It starts with the introduction of Shri Babosa Bhagwan and graduates with various inspiring and miraculous true incidents and miraculous true incidents   .

Many renowned Film and TVs artist are putting their acting talent in the serial to make it a Grand success. The Muhurt shot was filmed on H.H Param Aradhika Manju Baisa .

Dheeraj Kumar's Creative Eye is coming up with a socio-mythological show for Sony TV titled as "Babosa Mere Bhagwan", along with "Shri Balaji Babosa Dharmik Society". The show is about the prodigy kid born to middle class parents in Churu, Rajasthan.

Babosa, popularly known as Babosa Maharaj in Rajasthan, lived only till the age of 17, but was known for his divine powers with which he helped one and all who came to him for help. Born to very ordinary parents after they prayed to Lord Hanuman for a kid, Babosa was born to serve others, but only till his age of 17. There are many temples erected today in Rajasthan to worship Babosa.

According to Madan Jain, the spokesperson of "Shri Balaji Babosa Dharmik Society", the aim of producing the show is to ensure that the legends and miracles of Lord Babosa, believed to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, could spread worldwide.Talking about the show, Mr Jain said, "This serial will have 50 episodes".

Star Cast of Babosa Mere Bhagwan

Dheeraj Kumar's Creative Eye is coming up with a socio-mythological show for Sony TV titled as Babosa Mere Bhagwan.

The story will kick-start in Churu, Rajasthan wherein a couple constantly pray to Lord Hanuman for a kid. They are ultimately blessed with a child who is an avtar of Lord Hanuman himself. However, the parents are told that the kid will be with them only till the age of 17. 

The star cast of this TV show is:


Krish Parekh, the child actor, essaying the younger version of Babosa in Babosa Mere Bhagwan on Sony TV.

2. Vedant Sawant, a new face, is debuting on Indian Television through Sony TV's new show Babosa Mere Bhagwan. Vedant Sawant has been roped in to play the grown up teen character of Babosa Maharaj. 


Pracheen Chauhan and Supriya Kumari have been roped in to play the couple who long to become parents and are blessed with the divine kid Babosa in Sony TV's Babosa Mere Bhagwan. Pracheen who was last seen in Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg and Supriya Kumari will lay the foundation to the story, after which the narration will move to the present wherein the focus will be on the followers of Babosa Maharaj. Pracheen and Supriya will be seen in the initial five to six episodes of the show.


Shilpa Shinde is back on Indian Television but not as an actress but as a narrator. She joined Sony TV's Babosa Mera Bhagwan and instead of acting she will seen narrating the story to viewers.

The talented actress Shilpa Shinde has been away from fiction after her cameo role in Rajan Shahi's "Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg".

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