H.H. MANJU BAISA

Param Aradhika Manju Baisa is an ardent devotee of Lord Babosa. As the saying goes,Lord Babosa,on being advised by Lord Hanuman,has blessed P.A. Manju Baisa with his supernatural devine powers to help the people in suffering and distress.

She has devoted her entire life in the selfless service of mankind. People have belief, that they get rid of their sufferings by worshipping Lord Babosa and getting blessings of P.A. Manju Baisa.

Devotees come to her to seek her blessings and guidance in life,which she offers selflessly without charging or accepting a single penny as her fee. She believes in the motto,"Kindliness is next to Godliness ". She inspires people to leave their bad habits and join her in service to God and mankind .

  1. Babosa Darshan in Churu
  2. Babosa Vachan Babosa Ke Mukh Se
  3. Babosa Sakshat Darshan
  4. Babosa Sakshat Darshan in Manju Baisa
  5. Babosa Aashirwad
  6. Babosa Darshan on Eve of Diwali
  7. Babosa Sakshat Darshan morning on 14-03-2017
Please see the above videos of Babosa Darshan in Bhajan Sagar Youtube channel , where you can see Babosa Bhagwan in real and get his Blessings. Listen to what he says and always keep in mind Babosa Bhagwan saying and try to follow them.

"BABOSA MERE BHAGWAN" the most eagerly awaited socio – mythological serial is ready .

The serial is being produced by Babosa  bhakt mandal and presented by  Creative eye ltd . Its being directed by shri. Dheeraj Kumar , who is a well-known name in the Mumbai  Film and Tv industry .


Shri. Ravindra jain is giving music for the serial , which has a very melodious and inspiring title song recorded in the voice of Udit Narayan and Sadhna sargam.

The serial is based and inspired from miraculous true stories of shri Babosa Bhagwan’s devotees.

It starts with the introduction of Shri Babosa Bhagwan and graduates with various inspiring and miraculous true incidents and miraculous true incidents   .

Many renowned Film and TVs artist are putting their acting talent in the serial to make it a Grand success. The Muhurt shot was filmed on H.H Param Aradhika Manju Baisa .


  1. Ia there Babosa Maharaj's temple in Ahmedabada or Gujarat? pls share details.


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