Babosa Maharaj was born in Chruru village of Rajasthan state of India under Kothari clan. His father's name was Ghevar-chand Kothari and His mother's name was Chagni-devi Kothari. Mother Chagni-devi was a great devotee of Lord Shri Hanuman ji. One day, inspired by His devotees praying, veer Bajrang Bali presented himself in front of Chagni-devi and asked her for a wish. Chagni-devi asked for a bright and intelligent son like Him.

After 9 months of this incident, Chagni-devi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who was named Panna. Panna was great devotee of Lord Hanuman, and in his childhood only he started showing great leela's. People started recognising Panna's power and he became quite famous in that region. In about age of 18, Panna left prithvi lok and went to swarga-loka (heaven).

At swarga-loka too, Panna was engaged in the devotion of Lord Shri Hanuman ji only. On the day of mingsar shukla panchami, Hanuman ji gave his powers and boons to Panna. Hanuman ji did rajtilak (coronation) of Panna and said that people will know him by his name also. From that day, Panna started to be known as Babosa Maharaj or Balaji Babosa Maharaj.

Babosa Maharaj was born on "magh shukla panchami" or "basant panchami", retired for Swarg-lok on "Bhadrav Shukla Panchami" and His coronation was performed by Hanuman ji on "Mingsar shukla panchami".

Churu Mandir

balaji babosa mandir churu dham

Balaji Babosa mandir churu dham

According to on-going practice and popular belief, by tying a 'nariyal' in Babosa temple at Churu Dham, one's wishes are granted and they become true. By the power of Lord Shree Babosa Maharaj, incurable diseases vanishes away, problems due to ghosts and tantra-mantra are resolved. Monetary, physical, mental, every type of problems are eased.

The take-away from this temple is pure aarti water (pavan jal), aarti ash (bhabhuti), and a sacred thread as protection cover (tanti). Devotees claim that they have experienced miracles by using these three things.


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