Monday, June 19, 2017

Benefits of waking early morning Jai Shree Bbaosa

1 - Day greetings - You can see the start of a wonderful day when morning comes early. Early in the morning, get up early and put a ritual to pray and give thanks to the Father. The Dalai Lama says, "When you wake up early, think of this, 'I am blessed to wake up today, I am blessed that I am alive and secure, my life is precious, I will use it right. I will put all my energy in self-development, open my heart for others, work for the welfare of all creatures, keep good thoughts in my heart, will not be angry with anyone and will not think of anyone bad, 'I will give as much interest as I can to others'.

2 - Excellent start - I used to pick up late and get up from bed as soon as I used to get myself ready to prepare children's child. How did the children reach school late in school? I was lagging behind in work, I used to live like a lonely, irritated. It started like this every day. Now, I have arranged the activities of the morning. I work out many small tasks before 8:00. Children and I get ready till then and when others are engaged in competition, then I get involved in work. There's no better way to get up early and start a day.

3- Quiet beginnings of the day - children's cheeks, sports noise, train holes, TV shouting - all this is not equal in the morning. Some hours in the morning are peaceful. This is my favorite time. At this time I feel Mental Peace, I give myself time, I breathe in open air, I like reading, I think.

4 - View of the sunrise - People who are late, can not see the thing that seems to be the supernatural nature of the day to occur - the sunrise. The night turns from dark to dark blue, then in a light blue, and a corner of the sky (Clouds) begins to smell the day. Nature presents a shade of unique colors. There is something else about running this time. While running I say to the world - "How wonderful a day is!" Really!

5 - Enjoy breakfast - you can get enjoying breakfast by early morning. Breakfast is one of the most important food throughout the day. Without breakfast, our body works on a low flame and till lunch, we become so hungry that some eat stomachs by eating atrum-satrum, like samosa, jalebi, poha, pakode, etc. They do not need to have a good breakfast in the morning. In addition, taking tea-coffee a lot, it is so easy to read the newspaper or start work in the office all day!

6 - Exercise - You can exercise anytime during the day or evening, but the advantage of doing this early in the morning is that you can not stop it for another time. In the day or even in the evening, many other important things are often done and the workout has to be postponed.

7 - Being creativity - all will agree that morning time is very full of creative energy. There is no disruption in the morning and I write, read the mail, blogging. In this way, a little bit of time is saved, so I spend the evening in the evening with the family, which is very important.

8 - Targeting - Have you set goals for yourself? No? You should! Make goals and get up early in the morning and review them. Determine to do one thing this week and finish it on time. After making the goal, get up every morning and decide what steps you will take to achieve your goal today! And you take that step first of all morning.

9- Come to work - Heavy Traffic does not like to be seen. Some early exposure to work / work gets rid of not only traffic, but also the work starts soon. Petrol is saved if you go by car. If you are getting out of the house a little early then you can enjoy running a motorcycle.

10- Meeting people - It is easy to get acquainted with people because of early rising early. Wake up Early and walk on time for a fixed visit. The person you are going to meet will be impressed by seeing you come on time. You will also find time to prepare yourself for the visit.

It was then some advantages of getting up soon Now I will tell you how to get up early:

Do not make any major changes - if you get up at 8 o'clock then do not set an alarm to get up at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. Slow start. Begin for 15 days before the time for some days. Begin to rise half an hour (up to 15 minutes) a week later. Do this until you reach the appointed time.
Try to sleep a little early - because watching late TV till late night or sitting on the internet, you will have a habit of sleeping late but if you decide to get up early then you will have to change this habit. If you do not sleep too soon, then lie down on the bed before some time. If you want to read a book too. If you work yourself all day long

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