Friday, June 9, 2017

Love Affair with Babosa

Babosa has done so much for me, he has changed my life all together. Babosa is the one who gave me lots of love and support all the time and importantly when I needed it. He was always there standing behind me whatever happen. In all ups and down of my life Babosa never left me alone or left my hand .When I was all alone, which I mean i have family or friends but no one whom I can share my issues or problems  with. Frankly speaking I don't have any Value or respect in between family and friends but after joining Babosa and start loving Babosa, he has gave me that respect and show my real value.I have made Babosa my friend. Every morning and evening I have to go to Babosa mandir whatever happen. I cant afford to miss that, if for some reason I missed it for one day , it felt like I have missed something very important.

People only think its just another God, but not actually Babosa is your real friend, who will stand for you all the time. What he demands in return nothing other than true love , bhakti towards him. Is that a difficult thing ? Not really. We should feel very lucky that we met Babosa in this life and there is someone who can show us the right path, otherwise in this world millions of people going here and there in search of the right path. Right path is nothing but a meaning to your life, because many people in this world are coming and going everyday without a reason or meaning in life. Many of the peoples have started choosing the wrong path of doing wrongs things in this society just because they don't know who they are actually and what they are trying to achieve in there life.

With me and other bhakt of Babosa have experiences unlimited amount of chamatkars happening each and every day. My life is full of Babosa chamatkars happening each and every moment. If I start counting them , not sure how many blogs or books can I fill with them.

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