Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Serving Babosa Bhandara to 400 Orphanage people

Bhandara is a kind of food joint venture where, food is distributed in no price and behaves as serving to humanity. Storage and preparation of Bhandara has started. It is not an easy task to serve thousands of people every day for a month, but the BCF Kolkatta has done the task and serve dovotees with food and earn virtue.

All needed elements required in preparation of food have already been stocked. Stocks are made of edible oils required in preparation of food. All other food products which could be stored has started its storing. Fresh vegetables will be purchased as soon as event starts and will be served as different kind of cuisine in Bhandara. A high camp will be made for sitting area for devotees to take their food. They will be seated in a row on earth and served the cuisines prepared in Bhandara. Tight security will be always cautious at the time of food distribution to avoid any kind of conflicts.

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