Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Guidelines for Devotees of Babosa

Dedicate youself in the services of lord Babosa.

Read Babosa Chalisa everyday either early morning or before sleeping.

Visit Babosa Temple everyday  near to your place.

Offer help to the needy .

Understand meaning of Babosa Chalisa word for word and remember it while chanting.

Form a group of devotees if possible and chant Babosa Chalisa in a house or at temple.

    Focus on one form of God till your faith becomes ripe. Do not waver from one form of God to another. Pray to Lord Babosa till He blesses you with His Grace.
       Do Fast on Tuesdays and dedicate this Austerity.

        Improved human values . lord Babosa even every god be happy to that person .

          Print or Distribute booklets of BabosaChalisa.
            Read Babosa Chalisa once everyday. 

              Wear a Tanti of Lord Babosa

                Be a devoted devotee of Lord Babosa.

                  Be good and do good. Aim to practice values embodied by Lord Babosa. When in doubt pray to Him for guidance.
                    Be Thankful for what you have and try to be content with what you possess.

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