Thursday, April 13, 2017

Miracles of Lord Babosa. 1


Miracle is almost another word for religion.
For once one witnesses a miracle,
The worship of God follows effortlessly.
Here we explore some of the wondrous stories
Of Sanatana Dharma and beyond.

What is a Miracle?

The term miracle can be simply defined as "that which causes wonder." A miracle is something that contradicts or is beyond ordinary experience, and is caused by some kind of supernatural force or being--God or a God. In one view of miracles, God suspends the laws of nature to produce an astonishing happening. In the other, a miracle is an effect in our world of the natural forces of a higher plane of reality. Hindus reject the notion that miracles contradict science. The so-called "science" of today has limited its knowledge by rejecting a priori any reality beyond that perceived by the physical body's five senses.

                                                            BABOSA DOCTOR IN MIDNIGHT

The incident occurred about four years back in the month of December.

My younger grandson had fever (about 99 -100 degrees F) .Suddenly in the night my son Dinesh woke me up and said something had gone wrong with the young child.His body has become blue and he was not moving his eyes. We immediately started for the hospital .

I kept praying Babosa "we are disturbing you at midnight but we have no other refuge". As soon as we reached the hospital , the paediatrician was starting in front of us and he started my grandsons treatment immediately.

Vinod Daga

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