Saturday, April 22, 2017

Miracles of Lord Babosa. 2

I am a devotee of Lord Babosa. I chant Babosa Chalisa atleast 70 to 100 times every day. I do it while

 performing my day to day chores like cooking, walking, etc. I am giving belowan instance that 

occurred in May 2016. I used to take my son Om Sancheti for swimming classes. That day also I took

him there. After swimming in 6-12 feet water Om was resting on the fringe of the pool for sometime. 

At that time his coach said that they should swim in only that much deep water that day and told him

 to go from there. At that time also I was chanting Babosa Chalisa. Suddenly I started feeling very

 anxious for no reason. As soon as Om moved from his resting place, the grill of the iron staircase 

above, crashed down in that place. Om shouted that Lord Babosa had saved him that day. "Oh! Lord 

Babosa! keep showering your grace upon us always like this.


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